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Services and Fees


A variety of services is available to adult clients (ages 18 & up) of Mountain Wellness Associates. We offer individual, couple, family, and group psychotherapy, consultation, medication evaluations, and treatment.

The initial visit includes an introduction to the services and policies of the practice, followed by a confidential individualized assessment to identify presenting problems and core issues. Treatment goals and objectives are defined as the therapist and client collaborate during the initial consultation. Decisions are made together regarding the appropriateness of psychotherapy including referral to other care providers or programs if clinically indicated. For example, individual therapy for substance abuse may include a referral to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to supplement treatment.



Initial Assessment (initial 1-2 sessions)

  • Psychologists:  $195
  • Clinical Social:  $170

Ongoing Individual Psychotherapy

  • Psychologists
    $100  16-37 minutes
    $140  38-52 minutes
    $175  53+ minutes
  • Clinical Social
    $85    16-37 minutes
    $110  38-52 minutes
    $140  53+ minutes

    • Therapy sessions are billed by purpose and/or length of time in session.
    • If you are uninsured and need a sliding scale, please ask your therapist.